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WASSP Multibeam


WASSP Multibeam

3D View of the bottom

We offer the WASSP multibeam echo sounder for the commercial fishing industry. With this advanced multibeam sonar, the bottom and the water column under the ship are shown in 3D, precisely mapping the position of the fish and the course of the seabed.

The skipper gets much more information with the WASSP equipment, which makes fishing considerably more efficient. In many cases, this means a considerable cost saving and better fishing results. The WASSP multibeam is therefore an interesting investment for every fisherman.


Integration options

The WASSP multibeam has many integration options with various types of navigation software. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

Our experience is that the WASSP Multibeam actually becomes the ‘new standard’ within the fishery industries. The benefits of the Wassp Multibeam do help the skipper in such a way that the WASSP Multibeam is well worth its investment. We also hear many positive experiences from our customers.