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maintenance cooling system of computer server

IT problems?

We know everything about IT!

At De Boer Marine we have a very extensive knowledge of on board IT. Consider the hardware, but also the associated software and services. For example security, data management, QoS optimization, Office solutions and much more!

For on board we can deliver everything in the field of IT. The installation and service for these products is also arranged by De Boer Marine. We strive to be your one-stop shop for the maritime sector for all your needs. Connecting people through technology, that’s what we do

UTP Cat5e Cable with patch panel

IT management

We Guarantee availability!

At sea you are largely dependent on your equipment, therefore it is important that malfunctions and problems are prevented.

De Boer Marine is focused on preventing disruptions and guaranteeing availability. Also maintaining the technical infrastructure is included, when you are at sea, we work through remote control quickly and cost effectively.