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GMDSS Radio Communication



Maritime Warnings

Navtex is part of the mandatory emergency and safety systems. The Navtex system is an international system that distributes maritime warnings in the field of navigation, weather reports and other important issues.

Type A, B, D and L messages are mandatory and cannot be turned off. A stands for navigational warnings, B for meteorogical warnings, D for SAR messages and L for additional navigational warnings.

MF, HF and VHF transmitters

Radio Communication


The short wave (HF) and medium wave (MF) have been used for a while for communication with ships at sea. The installation of the antennas and devices is done by our team of engineers.

Vessels that sail from the coast within 60 km must have a VHF transmitter according to the regulations of SOLAS. De Boer Marine has contacts with many different suppliers, for every situation, we can offer the right VHF transmitter.

Emergency signals

We have created a separate page for the emergency signals. Click on the button below to navigate to this page.

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