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Fishing gear control systems


Fishing with

Automatic winch control

Fishing gear controls systems ensure that the risk of damage to your fishing gear is greatly reduced. This results in a considerable cost saving, making the investment in a traction system definitely worthwhile.

The system ensures that in the event of an overload (for example due to stuck nets) the lines are released automatically. These automatic actions prevent damage. If something goes completely wrong and the nets get completely stuck, then the power of the main engine will be reduced.

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For various

Trawling methods

The various types of systems can be used to calculate the maximum net opening. The system ensures that both lines of the nets are drawn with equal pulling force. As a result, the conditions can still be optimally fished on a sloping seabed, with crosswind / streams or rough sea.

The fishing gear control systems are compatible with the following trawling methods:
– Flyshooting
– Bottom trawling
– Pair trawling
– Beam trawling
– Pelagic trawling
– Twin trawling.