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Electronic cards

that Comply with IMO regulations

ECDIS is a system that makes it possible to view electronic nautical charts. From July 1, 2012, ECDIS has been mandatory for all new ships larger than 3000 GT and passenger ships larger than 500 GT. For existing ships with these specifications, this will be introduced in phases.

The system replaces the mandatory paper nautical charts. The ECDIS system is assessed by the ‘International Maritime Organization’.




The ECDIS system displays an electronic map and integrates position information from the GPS and other navigation sensors such as radar and AIS. Furthermore, further navigation related information can optionally be displayed if required.

The advantage of an ECDIS system is that the electronic maps are always getting the latest updates. When you start sailing without paper charts there are additional requirements for an ECDIS system, such as adequate back-up facilities or a second ECDIS system for safety reasons. De Boer Marine is aware of all laws and regulations about ECDIS.