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Bridge navigational watch alarm system

A Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System, abbreviated BNWAS is an automatic system which sounds an alarm if the watch officer on the bridge of a ship falls asleep, becomes otherwise incapacitated, or is absent for too long a time.

The system is simple, the officer on duty sees a visual indication on the bridge every few minutes (depending on the settings), if no response is made within 15 seconds by pressing the button, an alarm will be emitted. This effect continues until the alarm goes off in all cabins.


IMO requirements

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) applies requirements for the BNWAS. For example, for new construction, all passenger ships and all cargo ships in excess 150 GT must be equipped with a BNWAS.

The system must be able to function in the following ways:
-Automatic: The BNWAS is automatically activated when the ship is sailing.
-Manually ON: Always on
-Manual OFF: The system completely off.

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